Maximize Your Profits with
the Charles Affiliate Program

Generate income and earn commissions by sharing Charles with your
audiences. Content creators, influencers, and platforms have the
opportunity to earn commissions and special rewards with every trade
across the platform.


Instant Profit with Every Trade

Make a profit each time people you introduce to Charles participate in platform activities.
platform fee
When the individuals you introduce start publishing or trading on the platform.

Becoming an Affiliate is a hassle-free experience

It’s quite simple - join as a Charles Affiliate in three quick steps.

Group 3043

Get Others On Board

Sign up, get your own Affiliate link and share it across social media, forums, or communities. Locate your unique code or link in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Group 3101

Get Them to Publish
or Trade

Instruct your affiliates about the Charles platform and the process of publishing or trading on it. Gain 50% of their platform fee each time they publish or trade for the next 24 months.

Group 3054

Earn Money

Monitor your affiliates’ engagement through your Affiliate Dashboard and witness your earnings growing automatically. Once your earnings reach a minimum of 10 USD, you can withdraw your profits.

Group 3105

Get started by creating your free Charles account and inviting people.

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